This T15/194/W16W Cree LED bulb has an output wattage of 7.5W. Available in super white, red, yellow, green, and blue. 6 LEDs. ; LED Chips: Each 921 LED bulb is equipped with 48pcs high power and high illumination 4014 SMD chipsets. All our lighting products, including T10 LED bulb is a great answer to improve the awareness of cars. 36W Super Bright LED Reverse Backup Light 921 912 Bulb T15 2400LM 6500K White E ABOUT THIS ITEM: 3pcs 3030SMD + 15pcs 4014SMD series is an extremely efficient 18-SMD LED providing a very good color, the brightest LED chip on the market. Packages: Includes one pair (2pcs) T10/T15 wedge 912 921 LED lights bulbs, super bright 4014 48-SMD back up reverse lights, turn signal lights, 3rd brake lights (center high-mounted stop lights) bulbs replacement for cars, RVs, trucks. Feel the difference I thought you should see it on the foto My 7440 bulbs output is 2500 lm and the power is about 22W That is SINGLE bulb, 7440 substitute. First, the T10 and T15 wedge are interchangeable. #1 – XenonPro LED Headlights Kit – 9,000 LM Brightness: 9,000 lumens (4,500 lumens per bulb) @ 45W per bulb Color: White, Yellow, Blue, Purple LED: German Technology Advanced LED Bulbs Warranty: Lifetime w/ free replacements We’re not going to force you to read through this whole article (although we recommend you do). Below you will find our range of the different T15 - 194/W16W CREE LED bulbs which we stock. Finally, the hx-cqhy 921 led bulb is only 10% of halogen bulbs. CREE LEDs are the brightest L.. Great for malibu lighting. *, GLACIER SUPREME PHILIPS LUXEON ZES LED KITS, Stay up to date with news and promotions by signing up for our weekly newsletter, 880/PG13 Philips Lumileds LUXEON Headlight LED Kit - 2500 Lumens. Please choose your desired bulb and/or specification for further information and options. LED technology has really come a long way. AUXITO LED Reverse Backup Light 921 Bulbs for 2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma T15 4000LM $29.98 AUXITO 921 LED Bulb Reverse Backup Lights 6000K 4000LM 912 T15 W16W CANBUS Pair Available in super white, red, yellow, green and blue. It even fits most W5W bulbs. I was looking for the brightest LED wedge bulb offered and after trying several lamps from here, this is definitely the brightest! My only criticism is that my most recent purchase of amber-colored bulbs did not feature color-coded plastic bases for easy identification of the bulb color, as was the case for all my previous purchases of these bulbs. To save the most energy, choose the bulb with the lowest wattage suitable for its … 12 VDC. Simply take your current incandescent watts and select the corresponding LED bulb equivalent on the lumens brightness scale. This product is good for someone looking for the standard replacement for trailer dome lights in the trailer. 24W LED projector in T20 mounting. 921 LED Car Bulb Upgrade Extremely Bright T15 912 W16W LED 921 Bulbs 3030 Chipsets 24-SMD CANBUS LED Lamps Used for Backup Reverse Lights, 6000K Xenon White(4pcs/Pack) 4.7 out of 5 … I think the bright white might be a bit too blue and harsh for a small pop up camper as ours. For other uses the warranty is only 30 days. Actually that is NOT 7440 which is 20mm 21W bulb or T20. 12 VDC. Available in super white, red, yellow, green and blue. 1 Ultra Bright LED. This T15/194/W16W Cree LED bulb has an output wattage of 11W. This T15/194/W16W CREE LED bulb has an output wattage of 50W, the new maximum available in.. © 2020, Horizon LED Ltd | Company Number: 09468556 | UK Registered, WE'RE STILL OPEN, SAVE 20% THIS LOCKDOWN! It gives off a uniform, starfield light pattern. Discounts for more than one bulb is available, please choose your preffered model for further information. Had bulbs over a month now. 1.5 Watts Uses 50mA 10 Lumen Forward Firing 120 Lumen Side firing. It’s so much brighter than the 194 incandescent bulb it replaces. The price is a little high which makes it an expensive decision to replace 15 bulbs in my trailer. Add to Cart. FEATURE: Socket Refer:T15,w16w,904 904LL 904NA 906 906LL 906NA 912 912LL 916 916LL 916NA 916NALL 917 917LL 920 920LL 921 921ST 921LL 921K 922,etc. Available in super white, red, yellow, green and blue. Injected molded black plastic socket. Horizon LEDs use nothing but 100% Genuine Cree, Philips & Luxeon LEDs across our vast range of products. Up to 50 lumen output, long life up to 30,000 hours, 60 degree viewing angle. Available in red, yellow, super white. Manufacturer-direct store of the Supernova V.4 and V.4 X LED Headlights - We are shipping as normal through COVID-19. LED forward lighting bulbs replacement for cars, trucks, motorcycles includes LED forward lighting lamp and forward lighting bulbs, the bulb sizes vary on your vehicle's make, year, model and position, popular bulb sizes includes H11/H8/H9, H13/9008, H7, H4/9003/HB2, H1, H3, 9005/HB3, 9006/HB4, 9007/HB5, 9004/HB1, 9012/HIR2, etc. It gives off a uniform, starfield light pattern. CREE LEDs are the brightest.. The brightness is close to the original incandescent bulbs. 15 watt equivalent. SMT/SMD LEDs are the latest technology and are by far the brightest type of LED on the market. The only issue I have is the light from the Super White turns the clear lens bluish. • Capped by a specially designed projector head, the high output light shines even brighter through the special lens. What's more, our led bulb can reach a high lumens of 1600, which is brighter than 99% reverse light bulb of the market. I'm still giving it a 5-Star rating even though they dont't offer a White lamp (4500-4800 Kelvin temperature). Copyright © 2021 | Reflective Illumination LLC P.O. Add to Compare. 2019-2020 Ram 1500; 2018-2020 Ford F150; 2015-2017 Ford F150; 2012-2017 VW Tiguan; 2012-2019 VW Passat; 2012-2017 VW Golf GTI MK7; 2018-2019 VW Golf GTI; 2015-2018 VW Jetta Please note that these CREE LED bulbs are sold individually due to some customers only requiring one bulb. I believe it is the 912. The major distinction in between T10 and T15 is the size of the bulb. CE and Rohs listed. Buy Alla Lighting Brightest T15 912 921 LED Back-Up Reverse Light Bulbs 2400Lm CANBUS 921 LED Bulb T15 W16W LED Bulbs CSP SMD 921 LED Back Up Reverse Light for Car Truck RV, 6000K Xenon White (Set of 2): Back Up Lights - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 12VDC. Buy T15 W16W Led Car Bulb - Safego 2pcs 921 912 Super Bright LED Light Bulb For Car Auto Backup Light Reverse Light 15-3030 SMD 750Lm Xenon White 6000K T15-15D-3030L-2 at Amazon UK. The wires about 6 inches long, 18 awg stranded copper wire. Our T10 LED bulb helps car owners make their DRL emit brightest light which is immediately noticeable that act as a safety feature for their cars as well as for others on road. 12 VDC. Click above to read more. Pay close attention to lumens, since this number indicates the brightness, or light output, of the bulb. 921/912 LED backup reverse light bulbs: about 2000 lumens each bulb, color temperature: 6500K. ZEVO ® LED Bulbs are full-power instantly for increased safety, giving drivers around you more time to react compared to incandescent bulbs’ slower light-up – every foot counts; This is a 6000K WHITE LED bulb – ideal for daytime running lights (DRL) and back-up/reverse lights $47.99. Please confirm the bulb type or compare with the original bulb size before placing the order. Plus, these LEDs not only face forward, but more importantly to the side, utilizing the rear reflector of the lens the way the car manufacturer designed it. Need some assistance with our products and/or fitment? That is W16W or 16mm 16W bulb, T15 whatever. Please contact one of our specialists for a sameday response! T15/194/W16W - CREE LED 25W. Free delivery on eligible orders. However, if you don’t want to go for it then, you choose the SEALIGHT 912 LED Bulbs, 912 921 LED Backup Light Bulbs, 912 921 LED Reverse Light 6000K 2600Lumens Super Bright, T15 906 904 902 W16W for Back Up Lights Reverse Lights, Pack of 2. CE and Rohs listed. The company does not warranty these bulbs for RV use as described in their fine print. First, the T10 and T15 wedge are interchangeable. I was looking for the brightest LED wedge bulb offered and after trying several lamps from here, this is definitely the brightest! 99 We only needed 5 total for our camper,but that was still enough to give a small discount for a volume purchase.Less that $50 and we wont have to worry about draining our battery just to have some lights on. PLEASE NOTE - this item is on pre-order status until mid/late January 2019 due to ver.. I placed it the light in the kitchen area, where there is only one bulb, and it is a great light for this purpose, plus it saves on power consumption. This T15/194/W16W Cree LED bulb has an output wattage of 3W. The alternative is the SKU32584, but is not as bright. EXTREMELY BRIGHT:with 24Pcs 3030 led chips (3030 led chip is the most brightest led chip on the market) Standard T15/ 921 Base, , can produces up to 1500 lumens, 4 times brighter than original bulb. LED … 9 LEDs. Long life up to 30,000 hours. 912 921 W16W T15 H10 9140 9145 5202 5201 H16 H4/9003 H11 H8 H9 9005 HB3 H13/9008 9006 HB4 H3/9004 9007/HB5 1156 7506 P21W BA15S 1157 7508 BAY15D ... Dual Beam Hi/Lo brightest 9007 led bulb $79.00. Add to Wish List. I have run these for two week long trips so far with no failures. 12VDC. I used these in my overhead lamps of my RV. Reflective Illumination LLC is a privately owned corporation in the state of Arizona and is one of the nation’s leading suppliers for LED Lighting products. We provide LED Lighting products for residential household and commercial buildings for AC voltage systems as well as low voltage LED Lighting products for renewable energies such as wind, hydro, solar and off the grid power systems. 36 LEDs, 6 foward firing and 30 side firing. Actual Product may vary from picture shown. This type t15 led bulb is only used for backup reverse light. Since the area of placement light as well as indoor light are not large enough for T15 led bulb to location in. T15 Wedge with pigtail wires. Best idear for those who are looking for a super bright output. We range this type of CREE LED from 5W up to 25W. So if youre looking for the brightest lamp, try the T15s. No taillight mods needed. We do a lot of dry camping,so having bulbs that use little energy yet have high output was important.The warm white is perfect. Save $31.01. The hx-cqhy 921 led bulb has a 1 year no hassle on return or refund. I would give 4 stars if this company would back their product better. has an extensive automotive LED Light product line for automotive, recreational vehicles (RV), boats and planes. T10 LED light bulb is 0.8 inches in size, 0.375 inches in size; T15 LED light bulb is 1.1 inches in length, 0.5 inches in diameter. 921 912 CANBUS Red LED Third Brake Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb - Upgraded Version CREE LEDs are the brightest .. Box 82626 Phoenix, AZ 85071. If the price is a bit high, just remember that burns cooler, and less power consumption for dry camping. Measures 1.50in from top to bottom and .58in in diameter. • LED reacts much faster than your stock incandescent bulb, small but smart improved safety feature • x48 (x24 SMD per side) Built In High Powered LED per Bulb to provide maximum output. 3 Watt output. These are great lights for Malibu-style low voltage path lights; theyre actually bright enough to serve as a direct replacement for 12W incandescent bulbs (but at much lower wattage!). EXTREMELY BRIGHT: Standard 921 Base, with 24Pcs 3030 led chips (3030 led chip is the most brightest led chip on the market), can produces up to 1600 lumens, 4 times brighter than original bulb. So if youre looking for the brightest lamp, try the T15s. 15 LEDs, 9 forward firing and 6 side firing. 906 921 Ultra Bright 1 LED Light. Application:Backup Light LED Chip:15pcs 2835-SMD High Lumen:1200Lm/per bulb, 2400LM/per Set Color Temperature:6000-6500K Super White Waterproof Level:Waterproof & Shockproof Working Voltage:DC 12V to 24V … This T15/194/W16W Cree LED bulb has an output wattage of 11W. 921 Led Bulbs for Backup Reverse Lights 2400LM Extremely Bright CSP 9-SMD Plug and Play 6500K White 2pc 921 912 T16 902 904 906 W16W T15 Led bulb (T15/T16 Back-up CA) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 CDN$ 45.99 CDN$ 45 . Here we also have the top 10 brightest 921 led bulb … acceptable brightness but little warranty, T15 Wedge High Power Three Watt LED Light, 906 921 Wedge T15 LED Light. CREE LEDs are the brightest .. £12.95 . 906 921 T15 Wedge LED Light.
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