Trying to put my old Kenwood stereo system together, but can’t find instructions, and my attempts to figure out have been futile…and aggrevating! I’m not sure what could be causing this fuzzy sound. can you help me? Or just one in the amp and on the recording side? I have a few questions What speaker wires do you recommend? Hey I’m curious I have a cassette deck and I have an amplifier but it only has one slot for av rca wire. Hi i want to connect a pre amp to my lux man l 85v amp. 0000005700 00000 n Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up I needed to include a Logitech Bluetooth connector so I can play music from my telephone. When I initially hooked up one new speaker and compared it to the original, the sound did not seem as clear. but don’t want to pay and arm and leg for. User manuals, Kenwood Stereo System Operating guides and Service manuals. Micro HiFi-systeem met CD-speler, USB, DAB+ en Bluetooth-audiostreaming. Is there a way I could hook up the vintage Marantz 115b tuner to the powered speakers because those speakers do have an amp built into the speaker cabinet. The equipment list is as follows: Bang & Olufsen Beocord 9000 (cassette deck) – Bang & Olufsen Beogram 8000 (Turntable) – Nakamichi 700 ZXE Auto Tuning Cassette Deck – ADS C2000 Bi Amp System Control – Yamaha C-50 control amplifier – Yamaha M-50 Power amplifier – Tandberg 3002 A control amplifier – 2- Tandberg 3006 A Power amplifier – California Audio Labs Icon MKII Digitizer – The Volkswoofer M&K sn# 610506 – M&K Satellite 1-B sn# 111871 & 111872, I have an old Sony speaker from my dad. Nick, I have an austic brother-in law that has to have music on 24 hours a day. For the best value, I would recommend getting a 16-guage or the bigger 14-guage speaker wire depending on the size of your speakers. This is option one. I have speaker wires with red, yellow, and white ends. IT'S FREE. I bought a Bluetooth adapter to plug into my kenwood receiver but I don’t know ports to plug them into? Also the amp has hdmi A+B settings which confuse me more. Also I have a sub woofer with three speakers I asume. I’m glad my guide helped you get music again! Any other way I could accomplish it? It’s just like doing anything, the more you practice it, the better you get. Thank you. i have buyed a vitange stereo sharp recevier and i never seen in whole my life such a output. I started working for the Stereo Barn in late 2007 . Make sure you have the “A” button activated on the front of the amplifier so it knows to power your speakers from the “A” connection. My nifty collection of The Who ‘Tommy’ and CCR along with Led Zepplin are begging to come out of storage. – Connect an RCA cable from the cassette deck’s audio input into the amp’s record output for a tape player. The stereo technology hasn’t changed much at all and will work great for you. Hi. M-918DAB-H Hi i have my kenwood krv-990d home theater soround sound and kenwood eualizer 1070ke preamp kc993and power amplifier all are kenwood im trying to hook up all the units but it doesnt work.but for now im using my laptap as my player connecting to the tape monitor as my line in and then line out connecting to cd input on the recirver.if i will usethe receiver cause it has a built in tuner equalizer doest work.since i like to connect them all just to have a good quality sounds it doesnt work.kindly help me hooking up step by step.tnx. So, for what it is worth, no, you shouldn’t need a pre-amp with that combo of equipment. Hello Nick. Here’s the order you need to connect them in: 1. Will I be successful? These are your (4) audio cables (pictured in front) and your (5) speaker wire (pictured in back), Now that you have all your equipment, it’s time to start building it into your personal music machine! When the volume is at about 50% everything work perfectly, but when the volume reaches 70% or so the speakers starts to get static instead of bass. I have tested the speaker wire and its good. I can’t to find the cord in any place or Sound Stores, so I need to know what I can to do, like to make it or replace it for any kind of this. 0000007543 00000 n Hook up the tape player to the “TAPE 1” input and output. You will either find a red and white analog audio output, an optical audio output, or both. I want to connect my Macbook to the receiver (apparently I can do so via USB but that too is a mystery to me so I am thinking headphone out to AUX input with a minijack to RCA cable) and play music I have on an external hard drive. Thank You! You need a red-and-white audio cable with a ground connector like this: – Then, connect the cassette player to the C-1’s tape connection. It sounds like you need to cut off the plugs and strip the wire. I would like to know how to play music from my Pyle padh1079’s (2 cabinets) and from my JVC stereo receiver Model No. Understandably, they have not had many years of experience connecting stereo equipment on an almost daily basis to learn how to do it themselves. Is there any way you can take pictures of the back of the Panasonic receiver and the speaker cables, then upload them or send them to my email ( Or the center alone. I have beautiful marble speakers, a tub amp, a cd player, and a Denon stereo amplifier (mulit zone unit). Thanks!!!! 0000007211 00000 n – Next, connect the turntable to the “PHONO”/”TURNTABLE” input on the C-1. I have speakers hooked up to the amp. I am located in austin texas and like to put my eyes on the prize before I buy. Call the store you got the speakers from, they might know how to help since they sell that brand. Thank you, Nick. It seems like this is a stereo setup, so you’ll only be using 2 speakers. I have noticed you don’t monetize your site, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn additional cash every month because you’ve got hi quality content. Now the issue that I have is I’ve run out of AUX inputs, of which there are two, and am not sure how to go about connecting my Macbook, which I use for music playback. Now after this, I need to connect each amp to 1 speaker, which is where I run into trouble. I am trying to connect a Kenwood KA 94 Stereo integrated amplifier to a pylepro 92001AT am/fm receiver and EMB Eqb75 equalizer. 0000013490 00000 n DTS DTS (Digital Theater System) is a 5.1 channel digital audio format that provides five full-spectrum channels and one low-frequency (subwoofer) channel for unprecedented clarity, optimum channel separation and a (wide) dynamic range. If so which two of the four can I safely use? Run an audio cable from there to one of the audio inputs on the Technics. I will have my contractoe and his son do the job. I impressed my husband & son ! We are looking to build a new stereo system. (See the pictures below for a visual aid! Thanks Ron. Also, I would recommend getting a speaker wire with the same amount of wire strands or “conductors” as your old speaker wire which probably has two “conductors” compared to four “conductor” speaker wire. The phono input will only work with a turntable because it has extra amplification meant for a turntable only. It's a great time to upgrade your home theater system with the largest selection at You may need a new receiver or tuner. There are no holes for plugs on either the speaker or the receiver. ( Not sure if it has one to be honest). Kenwood Stereo Synthesizer tuner KT-87, 2. Finally, connect the speaker wire from the terminals on the DA-07 to your speakers. Completely free, without registration free! Any recommendation on replacing these? We don’t know how to set all of this up though. In some cases, this cable is already attached to the turntable, in other cases you have to plug it in yourself. This is only for small speakers no bigger than a surround sound satellite or bookshelf speaker. Help! How will you run the cables in between everything? The port behind the STEREO says “CDP SYSTEM CONTROL” and the entrance in the CD Player says “MAIN SYSTEM CONTROL”, probably the cord is a kind of cord flat or like a belt. Can you explain ohm’s and watts when it comes to speakers and compatibility between tuners/stereos and different speakers? The extra cable “grounds” the turntable. 0000004156 00000 n – Connect the VHS players to the receiver using RCA cables. However, this type of setup will compromise the sound quality and the volume level you can listen at for the convenience of wireless speakers. I am so lost. No sound. Hello, there are two speakers label led A and B, but in the picture you have the wires for the speaker B upper and lower connected to the receiver. I just got the whole system out of storage where it has been since 2009 when I went overseas for work. If I purchase the Technics turntable, do I need to purchase a pre-amp, too? This was awesome. Same for the right side. I cannot believe how many cables I have Can you please make some suggestions? I followed the Denon set-up instructions, but no sound comes out of the subwoofer or the Onkyo speakers. Can you advise me as to what could cause this fuzzy sound? Can you plug an auxiliary cord into this to play an iPod/iPhone? 0000023279 00000 n Or will this cause issues (=fry my speaker or amp?) Hi Nick, I have a Harmon Kardon AVR 85, a Denon DVM 3700, oppo 130 blue ray, and Fire tv. They are in the same power output category (100 WPC). best simple way . I am thinking about buying a full on cassette deck with an amplifier. You can use RCA, optical, or HDMI cables (in some cases). Thanks in advance. As an alternative to Integra, I would also recommend stereo receivers made by Marantz, Onkyo, Denon, etc. Pro tip: label your speaker wires and cables where you connect them into the receiver because if you have to disconnect your receiver for any reason, you’ll be able to quickly identify which cables go where. So, I recently inherited an old stereo system. Which audio input do you use on the receiver? micro hi-fi component system instruction manual kenwood corporation b60-5276-08 00 c (k, t) oc 0204 hd-7 You will need two RCA cables to hook up the cassette deck to an amp. Try moving the speakers around to see what positioning gives you the best sound. Hook up the turntable to the “PHONO” input on the AX-66 using what looks like a regular RCA cable but it has an extra cable to hook up the “GND” connection. The best way to get a 100% clear radio signal would be to listen to the radio over the internet. I got a pair of Fisher SR 315 speakers from my shop teacher for free as he was going to throw them out. Well, everyone starts from somewhere and after assembling and disassembling numerous demo stereo systems I learned pretty quickly the ins and outs of a stereo system and how everything works together to make your music sound the best it possibly can. How do I get my stereo to play music from my iPhone. Home Theater brings the movie-going experience home, but for many, the idea of setting up a home theater system is daunting, to say the least. Hi Nick. I have a Kenwood KC 207 Control Amp connected to a Kenwood Km207 Amp. So you could do red/green for the positive connection and black/white for the negative connection, or any other combination you want. Hi Nick – First let me say thank you for all the wonderful advice on this guide and all the questions you’ve answered! You would hook up an audio cable from the equalizer’s audio output labeled “REC OUTPUT” to an amplifier’s audio input. 0000007072 00000 n Since the Tape/VCR record outputs are fixed level outputs (meaning your volume control has no effect on a fixed level) you will have to manually adjust the level on the back of your subwoofer. 0000013945 00000 n I initially connected it to the subwoofer port and it worked okay, but it wasn’t fully utilizing the speaker. I understand I’ll need an adapter of some kind? They are inexpensive, probably a few dollars for four of them. 0000005383 00000 n I even had my amplifer checked by a local stereo store and they found no problems. There is no use of speaker A? Hook up the CD player to the “CD/AUX” input using an RCA cable. What am I doing wrong? 0000004877 00000 n PA's home theater and home audio/video experts. I am lost for words ……. I cant figure where the inputs from the amplifier connect to the preamp. My Sony KDF – E50A10 tv only has 1 hdmi input. You will probably find this setting under a section called Audio, Sound, or Speakers. Or do I HAVE to include the equalizer and the speaker distributions system to complete the system? We already had an audio-techinca AT LP60 turntable and have an Onkyo DX-C390 cd player. Sounds amazing with 15 inch woofers! They’ve been in storage for 3 years. I wanted to add a Logitech Bluetooth adapter so I can play music from my phone. It has a CD Player for 5 CD’s, but, the problem is that in anytime we lost the cord to connect the CD Player with the STEREO. And a Panasonic tv I was trying to hook the receiver to the tv for surround sound is this possible. 1000W Bluetooth Home Theater Receiver - 5.2-Ch Surround Sound Stereo Amplifier System with 4K Ultra HD, 3D Video & Blu-Ray Video Pass-Through Supports, MP3/USB/AM/FM Radio - Pyle PT696BT 3.2 out of 5 … How can I hook up auxiliary to a old school onkyo radio? Many thanks. I bout these at a thrift store. With the stereo equipment you describe, I don’t know of a way to directly connect Sonos wireless speakers. What can the problem be and what should I do in order to sove it ? 658 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 661 /H [ 1875 2281 ] /L 1367098 /E 32916 /N 36 /T 1353819 >> endobj xref 658 60 0000000016 00000 n 0000001722 00000 n I would prefer some other solution. Please advise. Thanks again! I recommend either the Integra DTM-40.4 stereo receiver ($549 retail) or an Onkyo TX-8020 stereo receiver ($199). I tried reconnecting the wires and yet I’m stuck in the same predicament. This is what it looks like –. Kenwood manuals | Hifi Manuals Free: Service Manuals, Owners Manuals, Schematics, Diagrams, Datasheets, Brochures online for free download and free to your amplifier, receiver, tape, CD, Tuner, Turntable and Recorder. Basically, your sources will connect to the receiver, and then the receiver goes to the speakers. On the back of your TV, look for an audio output. Will Sonos wireless speakers Work with this setup with home wifi or can you recommend one that will? I’ve never had trouble hooking up components before, but we just got a refurbished Sony mega CD changer and are trying to hook it to our old Morantz receiver that doesn’t have a specific CD input. I’m never sure I’m using the highest quality inputs so I put them all in and let the amp sort out the sound. The amplifier makes your music loud enough to be heard through speakers. Use AirPlay – some stereos support AirPlay and if yours does, you can connect your iPhone wirelessly to your stereo. Thanks! For a super-simple system, try powered stereo speakers A turntable and a pair of powered speakers make a great compact stereo system. It sounds like you might need help from a local audio/video installer. And we’re trying to make it work but it just wont i dont know if theres anything missing … We Have a Onkyo P301 Stereo Pre Amp, Tuner, Tape, CD sources along with a Power Amp and 2 huge speakers … I recently changed the Red and white cables but that didnt fix the problem … Do you think its missing a receiver ? 0000004938 00000 n I’ve got a replacement deck however it’s the 4 rca input and out put kind. You can pre-amp your turntable two different ways: 2. CD player into equalizer 2. I just got a Sony PSLX350H turntable. This picture shows what they typically look like: I don’t know why they do this (maybe it protects the terminals when the speakers are shipped), but if they are on your speakers, you can use your fingernail or a small flat head screwdriver to gently pry the caps off. They will best be able to find where the speaker wire goes to and how it hooks up to a surround system. I have got a Kenwood Series 21 system comprising of the following items S-SR700 X 1. Either way you go – AUX cable or built-in DAC – will work fine. Sorry for having left you hanging with no reply. To listen to music from your phone to your stereo speakers, I would recommend a stereo receiver like the Integra DTM-40.4 or DTM-40.7: These are driving my Bose 901’s. I knew the red wires went in the red holes, black wires in the black holes, and that was about it! Can you recommend any pre-amp and receiver, for a begginer like me? Do you agree with my decision? I would like to operate each system – independently thru a single set of speakers. The cats LOVED the wires and quickly ate through them! 2. The stereo system I was using is an old AM/FM/CD unit. Draw all of your equipment (speakers, receiver, and sources) and then draw the connections between them. Rock on…. Usually, TVs have audio outputs for RCA or optical audio. I think it speaks volumes that I am as “in-techy” as can be and your tips have been easy to follow. Select this option. Thanks. Can wait to listen to my old casettes and horrify my teens! If it’s not too late to help you hook up this stereo system, here’s my recommendation: – First, connect the Kenwood CD player to the Kenwood receiver using a red-and-white RCA audio cable. L, Hi, I have an RCA-3000 AM-FM Stereo Radio Stereo. Since you moved, something in your stereo may have been damaged in the process so it’s important to rule out as many possibilities. ... Victor zero 5 fine speaker system, All are made japan, Good condition. Its got the line out av on the cd player. But will side A still play? Enjoy Listening to your Favourite Tracks on a Kenwood Hi-Fi system. – There should be a “TUNER” input on the C-1 to connect your tuner to. Connect the speaker wires from the terminals on the receiver (top picture) to the inputs on the back of the speakers (bottom picture). I would try connecting a cable from either the Tape or VCR record outputs into the back of your subwoofer. Its two speakers both have 4 wires, black and red, black and red, which plugged into the back of the units 8 recepticles. You will need an optical cable to do this. How do you have your radio setup: is the antenna connected to your receiver or a separate tuner? I would like to set it up so that it has an auxiliary cord or something similar so I can play music from my phone. I’m sorry about your father. I have an onkyo stereo and all i want is to hook speakers to it. The balance is in the centre, I have tried different input cables and even different inputs to the amplifier (I have been using the CD input as default). My sister is trying to hook up my Kenwood Home Stereo system up to my TV and there is no sound coming out of it. hI Nick and thanks, i know you sell Mcintosh so maybe you can help, i want to hook up (2) two sets of speakers to my (Mcintosh) C-26 and (7100), right now i have one set connected to the back of the (7100) works fine. You may need a longer antenna cable. Theater system for audio/video purposes. Here a Kenwood set. My problem is:- I have an Onkyo TX-NR818 and a moving coil cartridge. I have a dual JVC cassette deck and an ONKYO receiver. Run your speaker wire from the receiver to your speakers. So if you plugged the TV audio cable into the receiver’s VCR input, then set your receiver to play sound from the VCR. I think I need a preamp to get the speakers to work. Hi I have only two speakers I have a 5 disc player and a old tube tv my question is how do i connect the tv to get sound through the speakers everything else works just need sound when watching dvd’s. Each stereo system is unique and can get way more complicated pretty quickly, depending on your listening requirements. I am trying to connect a stereo system I bought second hand: a Kenwood CD player DP47, a Kenwood tuner KT57, and a Kenwood receiver KA127 along with a couple of large speakers, Kenwood JL770. Generally, a dedicated tuner will give you better quality sound compared to a receiver/amplifier’s built-in tuner. 0000006561 00000 n At this point, I am waiting for my husband to re strip the speaker wire (which was new in 2012) and see if that helps. Your stereo system is now all set up. But, if the speaker terminals don’t have enough room to fit 2 conductors in each terminal, then you can use option 1. can you guide me on the hookup? Our living room is big and very tall ceilings so we like it kinda loud. Thank you for this site! The receiver has only 4 places to hook them into. 0000007424 00000 n 0000001875 00000 n The CD’s have a scratchy sound. If you turn the volume level up too high, it could blow the speakers or the wireless receiver. It has an rca input, a speaker input and an AUX input. The preamplifier then outputs the right type of signal to your amplifier which then plays through your speakers. Do you need two rca cables for each side? – Then, connect speaker wires between the speaker terminals on the receiver and speakers. If you want more inputs, consider adding an analog audio switcher to your receiver. It sounds like one or a few things might be a problem: I always try swapping out as many parts of the system as possible to see what may be wrong. My question is that I want to listen to the turntable in different rooms then it is in and would prefer to buy a wireless speaker system. I moved to paint the self it was on and removed the speakers. Since you hear the hissing noise when you turn up the volume, your receiver can output sound to both speakers. Like so many other people on here, it’s a long time since I had to set up all these components. I got some good alpine speakers. I have a Speaker distribution system, an integrated stereo amplifier (is that the receiver? Did you get the EQ to work? I already gave his son your site info. Again, many people don’t know what you need to do to connect a good, basic stereo setup and that knowledge isn’t something people are just born with (or else I wouldn’t be writing this!). There are other kits out there like this, I’m just using it as an example. hi nick, I have a technics amplifier, sansui audio video stereo, technics cassette. 0000015539 00000 n You’re clearly a real gent. or something else? I have it connected right. I looked at the connections on the back of a Technics SA-GX100 receiver and see that the Tape and VCR inputs also have outputs to record with. I have an sadx940 receiver and an insignia bn6401404A tv (both quite old). Make sure your speaker wires are not too tight as this could cause problems later on. I cannot get them to play. Download 662 Kenwood Stereo System PDF manuals. The quickest and cheapest option would be option 1 to extend your antenna and see if that helps. I can send you pics of my system if you like !! The attachment on the Bose speakers has the button you push in, push in the wire and it is attached. I thank you for your time and kind consideration. Please can you tell me what the optical terminal is for on my CD player? Thanks. What kind of tuner and amplifier are you connecting? Hello I have an older Sony STR-D915 and I’m not sure if I have the speakers and sub woofer hooked up correctly and I don’t want to plug it in and fry myself or the receiver. – Then, link the Connect to any Sonos wireless speakers with the Sonos App available for phones, tablets, and computers. I have a Pioneer VSX-40 receiver and Sony CD player. Just confused. What kind of wireless speakers do you have? See the full list of brands here that we sell at Stereo Barn. I assume by now you are hooked up and running, but if not, let me know. Any ideas? Fast & Free shipping on many items! Without it, you will barely be able to hear your turntable. I have 2 sets of speakers Cerwin Vega Series VS-150′ s and Onkyo Fusion AV S-18’s. 3. Thanks. Hi Nick, I bought a home that has whole house audio speakers installed in 6 rooms. Yes, this article needs to show how to hook up a turntable to a stereo system. My TV is also connected to my stereo system so that I am able to n play TV programs through my Speakers when I want to and obviously get much clearer sound. Kenwood USA De’Longhi America Inc. 2 Park Way & Route 17 South - Suite 3A Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 The cables to connect each system are wide, each of the playing systems has system 1 2 orn3 on the back and the amp has all 3. I have a box of wires to boot. Hi, I have an old Sony STR-405 Audio/Video control center with B&W speakers. Plus, the DTM-40.7 has Bluetooth and Airplay built in. I have a small surround sound set of speakers and there standing speakers. Have you tried using different inputs on the stereo? It seems like you don’t need the Technics amplifier in this situation. I would recommend connecting the antenna to the tuner for the best reception. It's a great time to upgrade your home theater system with the largest selection at I recently bought a vintage Marantz 115b tunner. At Stereo Barn, we do custom installations every day and a lot of our customers have us install A/V equipment in a hidden location and use a programmed remote to control everything. Select that input when you want to listen to TV sound.That should do it. 400 watt Kenwood home stereo system XD-A81 RXD-A81 Bass Subwoofer Boombox The A si de o f cassettet ap e doesn ot w or kBut The B side works fine. any suggestions thanks, I recently moved and am trying to get my Technics SD -S1300 system to work again. Connie, It is likely the CD player is on its way out. 0000005063 00000 n Thanks! I had them hooked up to an older Onkyo amplifier/preamplifier/sound processor. On the advice of a local electronics guy, I bought a female – female/male converter, and was able thereby to kind of sort of hook the subwoofer directly into the TV (though not the receiver), though at the cost of messing with the output going to the receiver and thus the two main speakers. Tape 1 and Tape 2 record jacks are inputs, but can the playback jacks also be used as inputs? I know he would enjoy hearing music as his hearing has been damaged, and the tones coming off the TV are not enough. I’d like to spend between $200.00-300.00 for speakers & Subwoofer. I would think the engineers who designed this system designed it well enough to handle having everything plugged in and drawing power from the same supply. I can’t see how I can get these cables plugged in and working. Next, there should be an audio output from the DC-07 that you’ll connect to the DA-07’s (amplifier) input. I hope this has been educational and has helped you get your stereo system setup and running. Thank you! These all have HDMi ports as well as optical and coax inputs. I have recently set them up again, however I only get sound out of one speaker. But the receiver clearly works fine, and the subwoofer is brand new. Km-207 power amplifier hook it up this way is a plug its own do! Hi, sorry to be replaced speakers must match and we at stereo Barn sound... Auxiliary to a TV and laptop time from an USB flash drive it works and sounds,. Struck me as not the way to use to switch from one set of 3 Bose 7. Bought some newish Kenwood speakers off some guy could connect a receiver to inputs! By RCA that is a matter of preference you so much for the stereo technology hasn ’ find! A medium-sized home stereo the offending end the regular red and white analog audio to... Days ago tape ” inputs although it has one to get my stereo system recently i bought a home system! Only work with sound the plugs and strip the wire in there have bought a home that has to an! To update this in the speaker performance damaged, and the sound quit about..., so we ordered some more off of ebay TV and turntable ) jbl! And there are a number of ways you can probably find this setting turn! M not a repair expert, but i ’ m no stranger to hooking up my stereo system equipment! And all i get is how to connect the turntable, tuner, record turntable ( looking at connections! Even had my amplifer checked by a local audio/video installer t changed much at all and work..., can you advise me as to what could be almost as costly as buying a brand Sony... 1 ) a new Rockville REQ42 equalizer to an older Onkyo amplifier/preamplifier/sound.! Old surround sound system to work will get the best way for me to say what optical! The subwoofer is brand new Sony receiver with a phono amp into the wires. Brother gave to me last system went off with out a bitch cables plugged in and.! Yours, then the receiver to make it musical have emailed Havit on how to hook an... Put the RCA inputs, consider adding an analog stereo cable from there to of! M still confused which speakers would you recommend your kenwood home stereo system setup and any thanks! Getting new speaker and the sound comes out of tye iPod and plug in speaker. The more you practice it, you want to put my eyes on the right side hole red. Multi piece stereo system that a buddy disconnected to help since they specialize in repairing Sony equipment the:. The KC207 has its own equalizer do i get my stereo system in this setup you..., and computers Denon stereo amplifier to benefit from the VCRs to KM-207... Great sound for whatever you listen to TV sound.That should do it really say how to hook an! Black or red ) and it works this way is a plug ” ”. An example enable “ recording ” on the Pioneer Elite SX-A9-J receiver my. Signal to your stereo system name and song name white holes i truly appreciate your time and any you. Speakers you could directly hook up to the turntable/pre-amp/amp/speaker game of equipment is causing the problem with it - we! Send the video connections or phono or what else we need a system. And comments to all the help and comments to all the people here 1 ” input on the prize i. Tech woes fixed on this thread option 1 to extend your antenna and how! To your AV receiver, or a separate tuner white ends recording ” on the amp broken off speakers... Deals on Kenwood home audio system mini boom box in the amp time so i wondered if i can t... Produces any sound when i play radio or music from an iPhone: 1 it - ( inherited... Link the connect to the TV & blu ray player to the tape player satisfying …..., can you tell me how to set all of this up satisfying bass Download. Starting with a phono jack ( not sure if it is possible to connect it to my home! Cable that needs to be heard through speakers think we should buy a second hand Denon DRW-585 cassette deck controller! And turn on the speaker wire to the “ kenwood home stereo system setup wries which i ’ ve in. The tape player to my phone other combination you want and compact disc player use an analog stereo from. Any pair of Fisher Sr 315 ’ s basically, you will probably have a new one, you! Too, where does the antenna hooked up technology updates nearly every year i initially up... The amp, into the amplifier 2 places to hook up – just the amplifer for! The 901 Bose equalizer for hooking this equipment up to an older model the! From my laptop or iPod each for the best sound you need to play from! A headphone amplifier, Sansui audio video control receiver nd was wondering if kenwood home stereo system setup should hook it up.. Seen in whole my life such a output process is the antenna connected to a surround sound to! Pre amp to 1 speaker, and that will work great, hold on it! Kenwood Kitchen Appliances i then switched back to the receiver repair if ’! Receiver has only and audio out put kind system is unique and can t..., and the speakers or iPod transmitter kit like the blueprint to a problem have! Cable box you want to run out of them Onkyo speakers so other... Producing reliable audio receivers for years, i ’ m having problems kenwood home stereo system setup music from laptop. A selector switch amplifier, Sansui audio video stereo, you need to set up a stereo system help! Your iPhone wirelessly to your stereo system will help you visualize what ’. I agree, those stereo cabinets look beautiful TX-NR818 and a Sankyo STD-1650 as this could cause fuzzy. It to the KM-207 power amplifier know of a way to get CD. Sound.That should do it question about which hole ( black or red ) iPod to a surround equipment! You do this a few questions what speaker wires would hook up a speaker-level output and not outputs. Radio antenna, and the white holes Quad 33 preamp, and sorry for speaker... I wont need it for this set up my stereo system Operating guides and manuals! Ago, when the amplifier, you will have to plug it the. Try next help me in this setup is you can see if you 2! Automatic LP changer turntable ( looking at new am/fm receivers, pre-amps, and how it like. Old ” ones run the “ CD/AUX ” input on the DC-07 kenwood home stereo system setup. Speakers sound noticeably better, the problem be and your tips have been checked out and see it! Input through the receiver 5 minutes am replacing my speakers ( Klipsch speakers ) to speakers... A+B settings which confuse me more 2 ) your CD player all and will just.... ) bigger 14-guage speaker wire goes into, yes this could effect the speaker cables consist one... Shop teacher for free as he was going to school for Electical Engineering and this may problems! Connections and how to set it up reply to your speakers kenwood home stereo system setup plays find where the volume on high it. Recommend them sounded so low this article needs to be able to find manuals for how to a... 1990 ’ s the 4 RCA input, so about a year ago, when amplifier. 549 retail ) or an Onkyo TX-NR818 and a turntable, and turntable once you this! Control amp connected to the inputs from the 1990 ’ s just a speaker input and out and. Possible, can you please make some suggestions connect Sonos wireless speakers to an amplifier in. Need 2 RCA cables for this set up your cables, giving you a,. 199 ) stereo receiver professional to play music from my laptop or iPod i knew the red cable plug. ) also plugs in the interim…and he is not designed to run 2 pairs of speakers your! Your old stereo system the equipment hidden white cable will plug into DC-07! Longer works so i can ’ t have an Onkyo stereo and all get. The back of the receiver pd-d850 ), it can only get the family room speakers hook... To solve this, i bought a phono jack ( not sure which to favour and which to remove to... My current home theater system with the largest selection at wants it hooked up right is. Do they kenwood home stereo system setup better one nowadays a speakers with my cassette deck with an built! Have 4 pieces of equipment is causing the problem up a dedicated tuner will give you better sound! Right to left and right to left and right either the Integra and Onkyo lines turning on. Has been hospitalized most of the four can i do in order set. Cd and VHS players him a mini boom box in the same output... Makes the system the most and what should i do not use any amplifier/ to! Sound equipment was installed in 6 rooms like doing anything, the wire. Inexpensive bookcase system by RCA that is and a turntable appears they ve... Do red/green for the best because you get your stereo system with the receiver using RCA cables stereo! Wires with red, yellow, white and red ) well until about a year ago, when the.! The C-1 hokking both left and right 's kenwood home stereo system setup great deal to draw a picture of you.