Pavement Markings & Signage

Pavement Markings

Proper layout of parking spaces ensures that the parking potential of your lot is maximized. Pavement markings aid traffic flow and ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. There are strict federal, state, and municipal guidelines involved in the layout of these markings.

Our crews are trained in the methods of layout that will best maximize parking and facilitate traffic flow. They are versed in federal, state and municipal requirements so that all of work meets these codes. And we use fast-dry, high-traffic paints to ensure that the product has proper visibility and is long-lasting.


The signs on a parking lot indicate to drivers where to park, drive, and the presence of hazards such as intersections and pedestrian crosswalks. Federal laws also dictate the requirements for ADA handicap parking signage including maximum penalty and van accessible indicators.

We stock all of these signs so that they are available for installation. Each sign that we install is placed on galvanized u-channel posts to prevent rusting. In addition, we can produce custom signs that meet the specific needs of your business or parking lot. We can even work with you to replicate company logos for parking signs.

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